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New Embedded Solutions

IDX provides unique embedded communications and remote monitoring solutions that solve unique industrial communications problems where a complete, drop in solution is required. These embedded solutions make use of the ever increasing processing power available in a small, industrially rated hardware footprint and Windows Embedded operating systems. For remote monitoring or alarm/event notification, IDX makes use of hardware purpose built for vehicular remote monitoring with integrated SIM card and unique features such as vehicle ignition state detection and delayed shutdown capabilities. An example application of IDX remote monitoring solutions is the IDX RM (remote monitoring) system developed for Pilot Crushtec, for monitoring mobile rock crushers. The RM units are mounted on the crushers, and collect crusher control system data, from the onboard PLC (MODBUS RTU) and also the crusher’s engine (J1939 CANbus). All data is logged on the RM unit and ultimately transmitted, via GPRS or 3G


For most of us there was a stage in our lives, while growing up, that we went through, that involved us being the doctor and one of our friends being a deathly sick patient. Although we as juvenile doctors had very little experience and what I mean by very little is nothing at all! Usually we would prod and poke our "patients", and after sometime, they would bounce back to life and we would all proceed to go and play in the sun. Much of what I have seen with PROFIBUS problems can be compared to our “doctor! doctor!” days. Lets run through a short case study...a problem occurs onsite..."THE NETWORK HAS DIED", what follows is an assault of prodding and poking until miraculously the network is up and running leaving all involved feeling exhilarated over a job well done but not really knowing what was done to fixed it. Here are some practical tips on how to help solve your problem and hopefully leaves you feeling a little bit less like you are alone in the dark: The bli