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My Profibus network doesn't work...

We are constantly faced with comments about peoples Profibus network problems where, the general consensus is pure frustration. Helping out with different industries, ranging from precious metals to tissue paper, we have found common issues that if corrected and avoided, all problems fade away. Some of the issues we have found Lack of respect for the technology Managers don't understand the skill requirements needed to successfully troubleshoot and maintain a Profibus network. It is a common occurrence to find unrealistic expectations of staff who have never had any formal training on how the technology works. They are expected to know the ins and outs of Profibus and this is an unfair expectation. The network runs and may be easy to maintain, but if a problem arises, there is no way for the responsible parties to actually perform their required tasks. Rules are streched until broken We also hear the statement "But the network has been running and stable for the last 2 years,