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COMbricks™ - The first PROFIBUS and PROFINET-based automation system that unites network components, permanent monitoring with ProfiTrace and remote I/O. COMbricks is a modular system that allows a mix of automation components on a backplane. Repeater modules can be inserted next to a PROFIBUS slave and at the same time, in a web browser over Ethernet, the condition of the installation can be remotely inspected with ProfiTrace OE. Ap plications Remote maintenance station (ProfiTrace OE) Modular repeater backbone with hotswap Transparent datahub; repeaters, fibre optic, RS 485-IS, DP slave, etc. Gateway between PROFIBUS and PROFINET (DP/PN couplers) Remote I/O for PROFIBUS and PROFINET Product feature s 32 modules (10 high-speed modules) Wide range of modules available ProfiTrace OE Hotswap and extendible DIN-rail mounting IP 20 Modular PROFIBUS repeaters The current trend with PROFIBUS projects is to use segmentation with repeaters, fibre optic and ProfiHub