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IDX introduces AS-Interface (ASi) training

IDX has been successfully running certified PROFIBUS training for the last half decade and is now starting the IDX Training Academy which will be the umbrella for other fieldbus and device training. Watch this space for future training offerings including PROFINET, MODBUS and device related training (HMS, Procentec, Softing and Comsoft). We have been providing a combined PROFIBUS/ASi course for a number of years but we have decided to give ASi a space of its own. So we are proud to introduce Actuator/Sensor Interface, otherwise known as AS-Interface (ASi), training. The course will begin with an introduction to AS-Interface: where does it fit and when to choose it. Attendees will have a look at various topology options and network structures. The course then covers how power and data are transmitted and how the masters and slaves interact with each other. The training will cover the features, benefits and limitations of ASi as well as some safety considerations. The attendees