Anybus Wireless Bridge

I have often been asked if there is a possibility to convert from Modbus to Ethernet and then back to Ethernet, in other words the information needs to be bridged across an Ethernet infrastructure. Anybus is now meeting these requirements using wireless technology with a clever and robust solution.
How it works
The wireless modules act as a wireless bridge where a physical cable would usually be installed. What makes this wireless module so impressive is its ease of use. The simplest configuration is a point to point connection.
The wireless modules require relative little configuration which is all done via the buttons on the modules. The modules will scan for the device that it is connected to and learn the MAC address (physical address) and IP address of the device. Both modules will need to learn the device that they are connected to, from there it is just plug and play. Since the module take on the IP of the device that it is connected to, the modules appear completely transparent hence no changes to your system.
This isn’t the only topology configuration that you can select but it is the easiest. The modules have a built in web server to configure more advanced stings and this allows you to connect to existing wireless networks.
Device features
The wireless modules support 802.11 b/g and 2.4 GHz and 5GHz versions. The modules have a built in antenna with a half radio globe coverage, this is used to concentrate the signal giving the devices better range. The modules are also IP 65 rated and are perfect for industrial applications and are hopefully Africa proof.
The only negative aspect to the product is that the Ethernet connection and the power are connected using M12 connectors making setup take a little longer but this will definitely make them more weather resistant in the long run. The wireless range is up to 400m.

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