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The lesser known features of the Netbiter® Solution

The Netbiter® device along with its ArgosTM web service technology is becoming increasingly popular in South Africa. Already it has been implemented at numerous sites for monitoring water treatment rigs, heavy machinery and other metering equipment. Very quickly the user is able to connect some IO or MODBUS devices to the Netbiter® and view and control these values through a web-based graphical dashboard. The user is able to see the current state of their system, view historical data and even receive alarms from their system. No programming required! This is all done through the secure Netbiter ArgosTM Web Interface. It is a very powerful way to monitor a MODBUS device over the Internet and by using the IO Extender cards, the user is able to switch relays and monitor additional digital and analogue IO though a web browser. Netbiter® is truly a complete package that provides one of the most flexible solutions to monitor control devices over The Internet. Furthermore, as of Marc


IDX has made a way for you to obtain your PROFIBUS PA certification less expensive and less time consuming. The prerequisite to attend the PROFIBUS PA engineer’s course was that you needed to be a certified PROFIBUS installer and engineer. In the past you would had to have attended and passed the PROFIBUS installers course and PROFIBUS engineer’s course before you would be allowed to attend the PROFIBUS PA engineer’s course. This is obviously frustrating for those people that are only concerned with PROFIBUS PA. We have reengineered the course so that you no longer require the prerequisite of any previous PROFIBUS courses to attend the PA course. The standalone course will still feature the PA content over the normal 3 day period but will also include 2 days of PROFIBUS up skilling so that you are capable and confident to move on to the PA component of the course. The stand alone course will run for a duration of 5 days. If you have already completed the PROFIBUS engineers cour

Foundation Fieldbus Training

IDX has been approached to run FF (Foundation Fieldbus) training by the South African FF Committee. We are very pleased to have been selected to run these courses and look forward to teaching this exciting technology. The plan leading forward will be to send a representative from IDX to America to attend the FF courses there and when they arrive back they will start the task of developing the course material and building the training equipment required for the courses. Creating training material, sourcing devices and building training rigs takes a reasonable amount investment and time, with this in mind, later in the year we will fly one of the trainers from America to run a course in South Africa, so that customers can start getting trained up sooner than later. We will keep you posted on when this training event will take place. If you have any questions or requests regarding FF training, please send us an email.

ECSA CPD Validated Training Courses

For most of those out there looking to keep up their professional status, IDX is now offer ECSA CPD Validated Training Courses accredited through the SAIMC. The two courses that have been registered for points are the PROFIBUS DP engineers course and PROFINET engineers course. The PROFIBUS engineers course will offer 5 CPD points while the PROFINET engineers course will offer 4 CPD points.These two courses are aimed at an engineering level and are challenging in both the theory and the practical aspects. Future courses that will be added to this list are: ASI course KNX course Modbus Course PROFIBUS PA course