How to Configure an Anybus COM Port Transport Path.

When configuring an Anybus Gateway device, some of the configurations need to be downloaded using a COM Transport path. Below is a description of how to configure a COM Transport path.

1. When the Transport Path Dialog appears, Select the Serial Tab.

2.Click the "Create" button.

3. Once you click create, you will be presented with the types of transport paths. Select the "COM-Port Transport Provider".

4. You need to give the Transport path a name. If you are planning on using multiple COM ports, make sure the name helps you select the correct COM port when configuring devices (i.e. You could name the transport path "COM 1 Transport Path" so that you know which COM port it is tied to)

5.Once you have named the Path, Select the COM Port.

6. Now that you have configured your Transport Path, you can select OK to download your configuration.

I trust this will help you get your Anybus device configured correctly.

For any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.

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