PROFIBUS Training in Durban

A little known fact is that the IDX Academy runs certified PROFIBUS training in the Durban area. The training is run according to a schedule and it is best to get your booking in early because space is limited! IDX has teamed up with Cube Technologies, who host the training, making Certified PROFIBUS training even more accessible in the KwaZulu Natal area. 

Who actually presents the course? 
Well it will be a certified trainer from the PROFIBUS Competence Centre of South Africa (run by IDX in Johannesburg), so the course cost is slightly higher than if you were to do the training in Johannesburg (because of the cost travelling of the trainer and equipment shipping), but companies in the area find it a lot more cost effective than if they were to pay for the travelling expenses of sending a delegate to Johannesburg.

Where is Cube Technologies exactly?
Sanyati Park
3 Abrey Road
South Africa

How do I sign up?
Contact Cube at +27 31 764 6081 or visit, or contact the PROFIBUS Competence Centre at +27 11 548 9977 or visit

What courses are offered?

  • Certified PROFIBUS Engineer’s Course (Earn 5 ECSA CPD points for this course!)
  • Certified PROFIBUS Installer’s Course
  • Certified PROFIBUS Troubleshooting and Maintenance Course
The next courses are running in August 2012 so register today! 

For details on the courses please visit or call +27 11 548 9977.

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