Free Anybus Communicator training presented to Eaton at The IDX Academy

As the renovations are coming to a close at the IDX Academy, the trainers have become eager to get training up and running again at IDX. The first course in the new facilities was a fully-booked Certified PROFIBUS Engineers Course. This week, IDX presented their free Anybus Communicator Training to Eaton covering the following:

- Some essential aspects of the MODBUS protocol
- What is the Anybus Communicator and what are it's applications
- A free lunch!
- Real-life practical examples on the newly built training rigs 

There is no charge for the training and the attendees found it very worthwhile, especially since they were able to bring their own device and use the training rigs to test how they can use the Anybus Communicator for their specific needs. 

The device in question is the S811+ Soft Starter from Eaton and it was shown that this could be interfaced with PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Ethernet/IP, PROFINET or any of the other major industrial protocols. 

The training is not limited to the Anybus Communicator, but also includes an Anybus X component and a Netbiter Remote Monitoring Component. Onsite training can be arranged at a fee as the training rigs are designed to be mobile.  

Please feel free to contact IDX with regards to any industrial data communications requirements that you might have or training that you might be interested in.

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