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The Netbiter EasyConnect EC250 firmware update

Connectivity is not uniquely about industrial devices and machines, but more importantly, it is also about connecting to the client’s specific needs via IDX product support services. A week ago, an Netbiter EC250 was brought by a customer to the IDX team for firmware update and, of course, we were glad to assist him.  But first, let us briefly introduce the Netbiter EasyConnect EC250 or as abbreviated EC250. The Netbiter EC250 belongs to the Netbiter EC200 series industrial gateways family. It offers connectivity to the Netbiter Argos server (data storage centre in the “cloud”) via Ethernet/GSM and GPRS network technologies. The device, viable and versatile, is well suited for remote access monitoring, management and control of Modbus field devices connected to it (both MODBUS TCP device via Ethernet and serial device via RS232 and RS 485). Once subscribed to the Netbiter Argos via , myriads of Argos services c

Anybus Communicator converts MODBUS to PROFINET for WEG SSW06 Soft-Starter

Another notch under the Anybus Communicator's belt as it successfully proves that a WEG SSW06 Soft-Starter (that speaks MODBUS) can be connected to a PROFINET network. IDX presented free Anybus Communicator training at ZEST WEG Group in Johannesburg, South Africa, and attendees are always encouraged to bring their own devices to see if the Anybus Communicator will work for their application. The training ended in proving practically that the SSW06 Soft-Starter with a MODBUS RS485 interface could be enabled to appear as a PROFINET device. The training itself is made up of a theory portion that introduces the Anybus Communicator and covers some basic MODBUS theory. In the practical portion, the delegates configure the Anybus Communicator to talk to a MODBUS slave simulator program on a PC connected through the Anybus Serial Server . Once they are comfortable reading and writing registers, they move onto the real stuff: Reading a temperature from the Netbiter IO Extender which is a

How to connect to a Pepperl & Fuchs Advanced diagnostics module (ADM) using RS485 and Pactware

Quick guide to get access to the P+F advanced diagnostic module via RS485 and COM converter. In order to do this, you need an RS485 converter which can convert RS485 to either ethernet or USB. I used a device from HMS (Anybus) called the Serial Server ( AB7701 ). This device connects to RS232, 422 or 485 and makes the data available over ethernet to your computer using a virtual com port. Connect the converter to the Diagnostic bus connection on the Pepperl & Fuchs fieldbus power hub 1. Once you have the com port available on your PC, Check the comport number via “manage my computer” Make sure that the FieldConnexd Diagnostic server (FDS) is running. Go to “Windows button”>“All programs” > “Pepperl+Fuchs” and start FDS control center In case the FDS is not running click onto “Start FDS” (in case it is running nothing is left to do here) click onto “Hide”. To avoid that this piece of software will be forgotten in future click onto settings and choose un