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WiFi Netbiter promotion-Get you equipment online using WiFi!

Access your equipment from anywhere via your existing WiFi With this time-limited Netbiter Remote Management package from HMS, you can: Monitor and Control your equipment remotely Log data Get alarms when certain levels are reached Do remote machine programming and debugging                   Application example: Here’s how it works :  An Anybus Wireless Bridge is attached to the outside of your control cabinet for optimal WiFi coverage and it is then connected to your existing WiFi network. The data is forwarded to a Netbiter EasyConnect310 gateway inside your cabinet via an Ethernet cable. The Netbiter EC310 gives secure access to your equipment and the Netbiter Argos Remote Management system where you can log, access and control your equipment online ( ). There is no need for fixed IP addresses or expensive cellular network subscriptions.

IDX Promotions July 2015

Save over R2 000 on a Profihub B5+ now! Now selling for only  R12 900.99 The ProfiHub B5+ enables wide-ranging RS 485 star/tree segments and long spur lines for PROFIBUS DP installations in IP 20 environments. The B5+ is a robust and highly valuable network component to design reliable, flexible and object oriented networks. Save over R1 700 on a COMbricks Standard Monitoring kit! Now selling for only  R19 999.99 COMbricks kit for monitoring 1 PROFIBUS DP segment on data and signal level. The kit can be used as start up kit for monitoring and/or repeating in a PROFIBUS DP network and can be expanded with all COMbricks modules. Save over R2 500 on a ProfiSwitch X5 now!    Now selling for only  R18 499.99 ProfiSwitch is a transparent PROFIBUS hub that is able to create baud rate customization per channel. Normally, the transmission speed is fixed for the entire network and becomes an obstacle when PROFIBUS segments require their individua