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Kyle Roos represents IDX at EAPIC 2015 in Nairobi KENYA

Wow, one moment one is planning for a future event and the next moment it has arrived and is very quickly over. Along with the other South African Electro-technical Export Council stands Kyle spent Wednesday afternoon and early Thursday morning getting set-up.
(Kyle Roos - thinking to himself after getting ready) Hey, I am all set-up - "Hey, everyone out there (where-ever you are hiding?) come visit our stand, if you are weary you can even sit on a chair!" Kyle Roos seen chatting to some delegates who now know that if they need to get devices connected and information flowing they must simply "IDX it!".

When evening comes, and the light starts to fade (and a weary body). Today is the final day at EAPIC 2015 in Nairobi Kenya. Kyle, who attended the event, on behalf of IDX will provide more feedback on his return.

IDX will be at the EAPIC expo in Kenya!

Contact If you would like to book some time for a meeting, or find out more information on this event.