eWon Netbiter Argos Exporting and Importing Profiles

Sometimes you've built a great looking dashboard associated with a Modbus device template that you are now ready to role this out to other accounts, only to realise that you have to start the entire configuration from scratch when using another Argos account (well almost, you can probably reuse the device template you created at least). 
This is usually the case for a system integrator that did a proof of concept on their own account, but need to recreate the configuration in their customers' accounts. This obviously is a waste of time and there is a better way to go about it. 
We always suggest to our customers to work using a profile from the beginning (so get the M&A subscription upfront!). We show this in our training too. A profile combines templates, visualization, log and alarm parameters and even the customized dashboard (make sure you use profile dashboards). This profile is easily reused for multiple Netbiter systems in the same account, but it is also possible to reuse the profile in other accounts. 
Note: This will only work if you have the Manage and Analyse (M&A) subscription which enables the use of profiles
First you need to "export" the Netbiter Argos Profile:
  1. Under Account->External Data Access -> Published Profiles, add a publish profile by selecting the profile you want to publish
  2. Copy the generated key to your clipboard
  3. Log out of the original account
Then you need to "import" the Netbiter Argos Profile:
  1. Log into the new account
  2. Copy the key that is produced and append it to this link: https://www.netbiter.net/www/account_import.cfm?key=putKeyHere
  3. So for example: https://www.netbiter.net/www/account_import.cfm?key=6A79207F412329B299AEC9 (this is not a real link)
  4. Copy the entire URL into the browser address bar and hit enter:

When you add a device, choose "Use Configuration from Profile":

The template, profile and dashboard with linked parameters should be imported now. The Dashboard will be located under All Dashboards->Profile Dashboards.
For more information on the eWON Netbiter Remote Monitoring solution visit www.netbiter.com or www.idx.co.za.

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