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Remotely Monitor Tank Levels Part 1/2- Installing Tank Sensor

Utilizing the following components, IDX was quickly able to monitor the irrigation supply tank at our offices in Fourways.  To complete this task we would be using the Netbiter Remote tank monitoring solution with the following components. eWON Netbiter - EC Range, Remote Monitoring GSM controller eWON Netbiter - Ultrasonic Tank Sensor The first step was installing the ultrasonic sensor on the storage tank Step 1 -   Measure The Netbiter Ultrasonic Tank Sensor comes with an included metal washer, this acts as a perfect stencil to outline the required holes. The center hole required is 30 mm, however we utilised a 32 mm drill mounted hole cutter. Ensure the sensor is mounted on the top surface of the tank, as horizontal as possible, with a clear view down to the contents of the tank and not a side wall or obstacle. Step 2 - Drill Using a 32 mm drill mounted hole cutter, this task was made effortless. However it is important to use a file or course sanding paper afte