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Remotely Monitor Tank Levels Part 2/2 - Online configuration

So, now that we have successfully installed our tank sensor in our last blog: Remotely Monitor Tank Levels Part 1/2   We can move onto the configuration of the Netbiter Argos server (User Interface and logging server for the Netbiter system. Step 1: Create an account on the Netbiter Argos server Go to and press "create account". From here you will need to add the particulars supplied with your newly purchased Netbiter Controller including the System ID and the Activation code, this will enable the Argos server to link to your Netbiter and fetch the required information from your devices. You will also need to supply a unique account name and password (these will form your login details to the server). Lastly the account creation process will require some personal particulars such as your name and contact details. Account will be created once you follow the activation prompts emailed through to you, once you login to your Argos account for the first