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The Arnold Classic 2018: Enter Raspberry PI

The Arnold Classic 2018: A place for those with a passion for sport, fitness, and an overall desire to challenge themselves, compete, and to ultimately be blessed with the eternal spoils of victory after an arduous two and half days of pushing their bodies and minds to their absolute limits. Enter IDX, what challenge faces the mighty IDX you ask? Will we dead lift four hundred kilograms worth of ice cold steel, and prove ourselves stronger than a ‘mountain’? Will we sprint that one-hundred-meter sprint faster than a ‘bolt’ of lightning? Will we outplay the E-Sport community to be crowned the ultimate gamers in the land? Well… not quite, but we did create an awesome solution for managing the chess timers in the Big Chess School tournament, using some cutting-edge technology, including but not limited to:            Raspberry PI Model B as our hardware platform running Raspbian Stretch       Node as our underlying server            Node-Red to handle the Raspberry PI’s GP