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Continued Growth for Industrial Networks Despite Pandemic Published by HMS on 31 March 2021 Industrial network market shares 2021 according to HMS Networks Every year, HMS Networks carries out a study of the industrial network market to analyse the distribution of new connected nodes in factory automation. This year’s study shows that, despite the Corona pandemic, the industrial network market is expected to grow by 6% in 2021. Industrial Ethernet still shows the highest growth and now has 65% of new installed nodes (64% last year), while field buses are at 28%. Wireless networks continue to climb and are now at 7%. PROFINET passes EtherNet/IP at the top of the network rankings with an 18% market share compared to 17%. Market shares 2021 according to HMS Networks – Fieldbus, industrial Ethernet and wireless. HMS Networks now presents their annual analysis of the industrial network market, focusing on new installed nodes within factory automation globally. As an independent supplier of

A holistic approach to minimising Industrial ICT network-related downtime

  Do you know how much an hour of downtime costs your business? Unplanned downtime is one of the challenges faced by many industries and it can lead to a significant impact on your bottom line especially in these Covid times. An interruption in your plant may be accompanied by a loss in productivity, disruption of normal operations, and have other negative business implications. Some of these consequences may include lost revenues, scheduling delays, client dissatisfaction, and damage to your brand reputation. Understanding your network vulnerabilities, scheduling regular maintenance, and providing your employees with certified training are effective ways to decrease interruptions. Learn how to minimise downtime and implement proactive maintenance in this article. Plant managers throughout all industries are confronted with the task of ensuring that their assets run at peak capacity throughout their life-cycle. Having the correct maintenance solution in place can help you increase

Emerging ICT benefits for smart, safe, and sustainable industrial systems

  Information and Communications Technology (ICT) encompasses the various technologies that are used to deploy wireless networks, telecommunication and transmission systems, intelligent building automation, robotics, and network-based control and monitoring systems. The evolution of industry 4.0 has created an economy that is progressively interconnected, and information-based. The contribution of ICT to the growth of businesses is significantly important for sustainable development and to remain competitive in the market. The implementation of ICT enables users to access, store, transmit, and manipulate data in several forms. The value of using this technology can help businesses worldwide to leverage workplace productivity, boost efficiency, reduce operational costs and improve the management of information. This article highlights some of the benefits of applying ICT in your operations. Top 5 ways in which ICT can benefit your business: 1.      Leverage workplace productivit