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Anybus gateways voted top choice for network protocol converters

American machine builders have chosen Ewon remote solutions as their top choice for remote machine access, and Anybus gateways as top choice for network protocol converters.   Control Design is one of the leading automation magazines in the United States. For their annual Reader’s Choice Awards 2022, they invited more than 15,000 individuals at American machine-building companies to name their favorite suppliers. HMS was chosen to be the number one supplier in two categories: “Remote machine access” and “Network Protocol Converter/Bridge/Adapter.” This is the 8th year in a row that the Ewon solutions from HMS Networks are chosen as the number one choice for remote access, while the Anybus gateway solutions are chosen for the third time a row. “We are very happy to receive these awards,” says Anders Hansson CMO at HMS Networks. “It is fantastic to be chosen for the 8th and 3rd year in a row for remote access and gateways respectively. We see this as proof that HMS continues to solve re

Industrial networks keep growing despite challenging times

Market shares 2022 according to HMS Networks – Fieldbus, industrial Ethernet and wireless. Every year, HMS Networks analyses the industrial network market to estimate the distribution of new connected nodes in factory automation. This year’s study shows that the industrial network market is expected to grow by 8% in 2022. Industrial Ethernet still shows the highest growth and now accounts for 66% of all new installed nodes (65% last year). Fieldbuses are at 27% (28) while wireless remains at a 7% market share. PROFINET and EtherNet/IP share first place in the network rankings with 17% market share, but EtherCAT closes in fast, now at 11%. HMS Networks now presents their annual analysis of the industrial network market, focusing on new installed nodes within factory automation globally. As an independent supplier of solutions within Industrial ICT (Information and Communication Technology), HMS has a substantial insight into the industrial network market. The 2022 study includes estimat

Benefits of segmentation using a ProfiHub B5+R in a Motor Control Center (MCC)

Unplanned downtime and network failures are one of the major triggers of lost productivity, causing delays, unhappy customers, and a loss of revenue. No matter what the industry, if a switch, connector, or network cable should fail, replacing these components represents only a fraction of the costs associated with production downtime. Therefore, reliable network infrastructure is critical to ensuring optimal network performance. Production processes, machinery, and devices in industrial plants are often arranged in a typical line topology, this is also known as a daisy-chained network. A daisy-chained network is used to direct the connection of network nodes where one node of the network is connected to the next node in a line topology. The daisy-chained network has one inherent flaw: if any link between any two devices fails, the entire network will go down. Daisy-chained PROFIBUS DP networks are more susceptible to breakdowns since one faulty device can affect the entire segment

HMS Networks AB (publ) acquires the remaining shares of Procentec B.V.

  Pieter Barendrecht, CEO of Procentec B.V (left) and Staffan Dahlström, CEO of HMS Networks (right) on site in Rotterdam HMS Industrial Networks AB, a wholly-owned subsidiary of HMS Networks AB (publ), has today acquired the remaining 30% of the shares in Procentec B.V. based on pre-determined option conditions. HMS acquired 70% of Procentec on October 1st 2020, and following today’s transaction Procentec will be a wholly-owned subsidiary. The Procentec offering focuses on diagnostics and monitoring of factory networks. Acquiring the remaining shares in Procentec is a natural step for HMS which opens for closer integration of Procentec to realize synergies both in sales and marketing as well as product development. “We are very happy with the development of Procentec and the great work done by the management team and the Procentec employees since joining HMS. I am very pleased with this transaction and excited about our continued journey ahead during which we can explore more synergie