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East African Power Industry Convention

Upon landing in Kenya Nairobi, we were invited with very open arms by a humble conglomerate of industry professionals. We dropped off our bags at the Intercontinental and proceeded to the convention center (fortunately 300m from our hotel) in order to set up our stands. The KICC Expo center was very heavily guarded, every attendee entering, went through rigorous physical and identity checks. This took me somewhat by surprise, however i did humbly abide as it made everyone feel a lot more comfortable for the safety of the venue and all participants attending. On Thursday morning the excitement kicked off quite abruptly as a hoard of fascinated delegates started sweeping from stand to stand. I had the welcoming opportunity of picking off each and every person who got within grabbing reach of the IDX stand in order to spread our offerings, marketing rather enthusiastically. I found each and every visitor and delegate was humble and welcomed the influx of information each exhi