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Siemens S7 PLC programmer and communication interface.

We are excited to add a new product to our offering:

The NETLink PRO Compact can be used as a programmer for an S7 PLC and/or as a PC interface. The device is packaged inside a conventional Profibus plug, and has a direct Ethernet port connection. The device supports MPI, PPI and Profibus, and automatically detects the correct communication used by the PLC.

Typical uses of the device include:

Programming adaptor to download your Step 7 or PCS7 PLC program Connect your PLC to an HMI or visualization via ethernet Access PLC data via ethernet , or use OPC using the S7/S7 OPC server (can be purchased with the NETLink PRO) Remote logging: Access your PLC data over the internet. 

Configuration of the NETLink PRO is done via its integrated webpage.