IDX ifm VSE Gateway

We are proud to announce the IDX ifm VSE Gateway, our custom cost-effective gateway solution for the ifm VSE002/100 vibration monitoring diagnostic devices.
The IDX ifm VSE Gateway is a DIN-rail mountable industrial communication gateway that allows real-time vibration monitoring data from the ifm VSE diagnostic device series to be made available via a variety of standard industrial data protocols and/or interfaces.
The Gateway has been specifically designed to work with the ifm VSE002 and VSE100 monitoring devices, and each gateway connects to up to 10 VSE devices via Ethernet. The IDX Gateway exposes the VSE vibration monitoring data via interfaces based on the RS-232/485 or Ethernet interfaces, such as MODBUS TCP/RTU and OPC Data Access (DA). Alternatively, a custom protocol interface can be cost-effectively developed if required.

The gateway is configurable using the IDX software suite using one of the Ethernet connections, allowing for the possibilities of exposing diagnostic data through multiple interface types simultaneously, sending alarms and logging data for historical purposes. We recommend visiting our product page for more information, or contacting us directly to discuss your specific requirements.

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