The impetus of COVID-19 – accelerating adoption of IIOT and related technologies

A new COVID-19 normality has been forced upon us and highlighted the ways in which technology can compensate for lack of mobility, safety concerns, and related operational and commercial challenges. In fact, COVID-19 has accelerated several digital transformations throughout the world, and businesses that were previously leveraging the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) had an advantage when adjusting to this pandemic. There is a sense that COVID-19 has provided both the impetus and opportunity to better leverage technology and minimise un-necessary travel and time wastage.

Rapid developments in information technology are changing the way in which businesses operate especially when in-person contact is restricted. Businesses are recognising the value of remote working and setting up virtual systems to keep their employees and customers safe, engaged, and productive. These days, meetings and interactions are now taking place over online communication platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

The advances in digital transformations have made a significant impact on the industrial sector augmenting the efficacy, accessibility, and productivity of service delivery. Industrial Data Xchange (IDX) can help you optimise your industrial infrastructure so that you can benefit from the intrinsic values of IIoT.

The digitalisation of business processes supports both efficiency and agility within a business unit, increasing value either with a stable or diminishing amount of resources. In a dynamic and multi-faceted environment, technology can facilitate the digitisation of repetitive workflows freeing staff to focus on product innovation and improved customer experience.

Social distance restrictions have imposed strict limitations on accessing business facilities and sites, with head-to-head counts decreasing daily. To achieve consistency in productivity and employee morale in this time of crisis, businesses are implementing remote access and support so that employees can perform their responsibilities out of the office as proficiently as if they were in the office.

IDX offers remote access and monitoring solutions that assist your business in overcoming these site restrictions. Our custom-developed and flexible monitoring solutions help you optimise, observe, and control your assets from both local and remote locations securely. This enhances your ability to keep your valued employees safe and business operating while adhering to lockdown restrictions.

By coupling the above remote access and monitoring with business process automation (IT ticketing systems, asset optimisation tools, predictive maintenance tools, machine learning, and business analytics) high levels of consistency and operational visibility can be provided.

IDX is available to explore with you the creation of collaborative solutions that simplify or extend your existing control and automation systems in a way that fosters safe and efficient working environments allowing people in multiple locations to access information and share their skills and expertise.

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