Anybus gateways voted top choice for network protocol converters

American machine builders have chosen Ewon remote solutions as their top choice for remote machine access, and Anybus gateways as top choice for network protocol converters.
Control Design is one of the leading automation magazines in the United States. For their annual Reader’s Choice Awards 2022, they invited more than 15,000 individuals at American machine-building companies to name their favorite suppliers.

HMS was chosen to be the number one supplier in two categories: “Remote machine access” and “Network Protocol Converter/Bridge/Adapter.”

This is the 8th year in a row that the Ewon solutions from HMS Networks are chosen as the number one choice for remote access, while the Anybus gateway solutions are chosen for the third time a row.

“We are very happy to receive these awards,” says Anders Hansson CMO at HMS Networks. “It is fantastic to be chosen for the 8th and 3rd year in a row for remote access and gateways respectively. We see this as proof that HMS continues to solve real-life problems for machine builders helping them become more productive and sustainable. It is especially rewarding that the acknowledgement comes from Control Design’s readers – the machine builders themselves who use our products.”

Control Design’s selection criteria

More than 15,000 individuals who identify themselves as having buying influence or authority were invited to access our confidential ballot for the 2022 Control Design Readers’ Choice Awards. All of the voting is unaided, meaning that no list of supplier choices is provided for guidance or assistance in the ballot. It is created entirely by the participants, who may vote for first, second and third preferences in each category. The results are grouped by Control, Hardware, Motion, Networking, Safety, Sensing and Software categories. The results do not knowingly include votes from any suppliers in the final tally.

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