8 Benefits of implementing Procentec ComBricks into your PROFIBUS network


Procentec ComBricks is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to ensure the efficacy of their industrial network. It is a network monitoring and diagnostic solution designed for PROFIBUS networks, such as those used in the manufacturing and processing industries.

With ComBricks, you can quickly identify and diagnose network issues, minimise downtime, and increase uptime, all while improving the overall efficiency of your operations. ComBricks is a valuable investment for anyone looking to optimise their industrial automation network and maintain a competitive edge in today's fast-paced business environment.

Here are some benefits of using Procentec ComBricks:

  1. Monitors network health using a status traffic light: Procentec ComBricks provides you with a real-time overview of the health of industrial networks, allowing users to identify issues and troubleshoot problems at a glance before they become critical.

  2. Diagnoses network problems: Using a built-in oscilloscope, ComBricks has advanced diagnostic capabilities giving you a view of the network’s waveform and driver voltages which can help users quickly identify the root cause of network issues, such as wiring problems, device failures, or configuration errors.

  3. Network event logs: The network event log provides you with a date and time-stamped log of all events that have occurred within your network. All events are logged on the ComBricks unit. This is an especially useful feature when trying to pinpoint trends within your network.

  4.  Email triggers and events: You can configure the ComBricks system to notify key personnel via email that a problem has occurred or is likely to occur. You can configure triggers based on your preferences (lost, syncs, repeats, illegals, diagnostics), if the master/PLC is lost, or if a baud rate change has been detected. The email trigger feature helps to prevent unnecessary downtime by notifying you of potential problems that can be rectified before they result in network failure.

  5. Remote monitoring: With ComBricks, you can monitor your industrial network remotely from anywhere. This allows you to respond quickly to any issues that arise and minimise downtime.

  6. Modular design: ComBricks is a modular solution, which means you can add or remove components as needed to meet the specific requirements of your network.

  7. Scalability: ComBricks can be expanded easily as your network grows, making it a cost-effective solution for industrial automation networks of all sizes.

  8. Simple and user-friendly user interface: ComBricks has a simple and user-friendly user interface, making navigation of the Combricks unit easy, and minimising time spent learning how to use the device. In addition to this, ComBricks has a Network Condition Indicator which consolidates the IP addresses for all your ComBricks units, giving you an overview of your entire network, meaning you only need to pay attention to the faulty network devices.

ComBricks will increase uptime and network performance, and the cost to the company will be recovered rapidly as ComBricks reduces all downtime and the need for site personnel or contractors to repair faulty networks.

Do not let PROFIBUS network issues slow down your operations, click here to contact our team to find out more.

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