IDX has made a way for you to obtain your PROFIBUS PA certification less expensive and less time consuming. The prerequisite to attend the PROFIBUS PA engineer’s course was that you needed to be a certified PROFIBUS installer and engineer. In the past you would had to have attended and passed the PROFIBUS installers course and PROFIBUS engineer’s course before you would be allowed to attend the PROFIBUS PA engineer’s course.
This is obviously frustrating for those people that are only concerned with PROFIBUS PA. We have reengineered the course so that you no longer require the prerequisite of any previous PROFIBUS courses to attend the PA course. The standalone course will still feature the PA content over the normal 3 day period but will also include 2 days of PROFIBUS up skilling so that you are capable and confident to move on to the PA component of the course. The stand alone course will run for a duration of 5 days.
If you have already completed the PROFIBUS engineers course, you will only need to attend the 3 day PA portion of the course at a reduced rate.
Please view our schedule for the course dates.

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