Netbiter Remote Access to ABB Analyzer

When delegates visit the IDX Academy in South Africa for training, they are always encouraged to bring their piece of equipment along with which they might be having trouble getting communications going with it - or even just understanding the data it produces. At the end of a grueling PROFIBUS Engineers Course, two delegates from ABB stayed behind to see how they could do a proof of concept to show that their AO2020 Ananlyze connects to and makes data available on PROFIBUS. They already had a PROFIBUS Master Simulator from HMS.
  •  Using the simulator, you can load the GSD file and connect to the PROFIBUS address of the Analyzer via a piece of PROFIBUS cable - easy!
  • The raw data is produced in hex and binary - this can be tricky to understand. We were reading 41 A8 CC CD (hexadecimal), but knowing that the data type is an IEEE Floating Point value from the manual and entering these values into an online IEEE float to Hex calculator gave us a value that made sense: 21.10!
  • They are now ready to do a proof of concept to any customer that is using PROFIBUS. 
Separate to this there is an Ethernet connection available that is able to connect a PC-based HMI simulator to the AO2020. Now the question was, could one use this this software on a PC in your office and connect to the AO2020 sitting at a remote site? The new EC350 with its remote access capabilities is able to do this. It's like having a really long Ethernet cable connecting your PC to the to the remote device!

The Netbiter EC350 has an Ethernet port to connect to a local LAN (the analyzer in this case) and WAN port to use the internet connection of an office LAN. After successfully connecting using this method, the WAN access was replaced with a 3G access by inserting a SIM card into the EC350. Success! This proved that the Netbiter EC350 could be used to create  secure Ethernet tunnel between a PC in an office and a ABB AO2020 analyzer in the field.  

Visit the new Netbiter website at to find out more!

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