Gold Certified Partner

IDX recently attained the Gold certified status from PROCENTEC. So many of you may think “what does this mean?”. PROCENTEC is rewarding companies for attaining a level of excellence by auditing their distributors according to a variety of standards that they have felt is important. These standards include, the technical knowledge of their devices, the practical capability to be able to setup these devices correctly, the CRM system that is used by the company must contain detailed information about the clients and the quotes and invoices. So we can make sure you get the correct device you ordered on time.

What was probably the most interesting part is that we had to write a test, there were 2 options for this test. Either you could write it on an individual basis and you must pass by 90% or you can write the test as a group effort but the trick is that you must get 100% to pass. So you can guess what we did…that’s correct, we opted for the group effort and we passed. It was even fun on top of that.

If you become Gold certified there are 2 things that are very important: you must attend at least 1 distributor conference and all the gold certified companies are the first to get the latest demo items available.

What does this mean for you? We know what we are talking about, we are organized, we have the latest devices PROCENTEC has to offer for you to come see and test.

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