How to use the Anybus NetTool for Profibus

This describes the process of using the Anybus NetTool for Profibus so that you don't need any previous knowledge of configuring Profibus networks.

To start you will have to install the Anybus NetTool for Profibus which will come with installation cd included with your Profibus Master device.

1. Once you have installed the NetTool, open it and select "New project"

2. This will bring up a new configuration area that will contain the setup for you Profibus network.

3. The first device you can add to the setup is the Profibus Master. Drag the selected master to the configuration area.

4.To configure the slave you need to have the correct GSD files installed. The GSD file can be found on the device vendors website. 

5. If the GSD file has not been installed click the "Tools" menu option to find the option to add the GSD file to the library.

6. Once the GSD file has been installed, you can find it under the "Profibus DP" library option. Drag the correct file into the configuration area.

7. You can now double click the Master object, which will open the Master properties.

8. Select the Profibus tab and change the relevant Master settings

9. Once you have configured the Master, double click the slave object and set the address to correspond with the slave configured address.

10. Now select the modules under the slave item in the library window and drag all the relevant IO modules into the slave configuration. (Note. Once you have configured the slave, you are able to copy and paste the slave object with all the configured settings, if you have more than one of the same device.)

11. Repeat the process of adding a slave device for any other devices, making sure the address and IO config match what is physically configured on the slaves.

You can now save the project and download it to the Gateway.

 To download the configuration to the Gateway you need to have a Transport path configured. This is basically a connection, either Ethernet or Serial for the config to be downloaded to.

For help configuring the transport path, please see this blog post.

You should now be able to use the NetTool for Profibus to configure your Profibus Master Gateway.

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